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sushi box

the uchiko experience, delivered



A representation of our classics.

Enjoy twelve pieces of perfectly dressed nigiri, two makimono, and our signature hama chili.


Paired with our classic bites from our ichi box.

Enjoy this chirashi that includes five varieties of fish, served sashimi‑style over a bed of rice with traditional accompaniments.


Elevate your ichi and ni experience with the addition of two caviar sets alongside potato chips and creme fraiche.

Enjoy with a pair of mother of pearl spoons, from us to you.

top (left to right): avocado, akami, hamachi, middle: cucumber maki,
bottom (left to right): madai, sake toro, hirame
(starting from the cucumber at the top left corner): cucumber, otoro tartar, 2pc kanpachi shimi, masu shimi scallop, ume boshi, avocado fan, bf akami sashimi, Ikura, shima aji 2pc shimi, scallop, otoro tartar
smoked trout roe, kaluga hybrid, creme fraiche

the perfect bite

For chef Tyson Cole, sushi has always been more than just food; it's been an expression of love and respect for Japanese culture and tradition and a pursuit to create what we fondly call "the perfect bite" in every bite. Each creation at Uchi, whether it's a meticulously crafted piece of nigiri or a thoughtfully composed dish, is a manifestation of this belief.

the hama chili

The hama chili is an iconic Uchi classic, one of our longest‑standing dishes on the menu for over 20 years. Available to you in every box, enjoy our signature crudo by making a perfect bite with a slice of fish and orange and simply dipping in ponzu. Alternatively, move the contents to a bowl and finish with ponzu.